Be strong!!!
You have a right to live your life without violence!!!


You have just experienced violence and the one to blame?
He degrades and forbids you to communicate with your friends and relatives?
You feel lonely and helpless?
You are forced for a sexual intercourse without your consent?
You don’t want to continue this way, but don’t know what to do?

Enough!!! Don’t suffer torments anymore!!!
Let’s begin a new life – a life without violence!!!

 Do not blame yourself for what happened ... Do not be silent, do not be ashamed,  do not suffer, help yourself - look for the help! Remember that desire is always given in conjunction with the forces to implement it! Open your heart - share your concerns and overcome painful challenges! You should know - the miracle is always somewhere close to despair ...
BE STRONG !!! You can change everything, believe it!

"Help line for women" - emotional support by phone 8 800 66366 (daily 10-21 hrs.) and bu the internet:


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