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Legal information

In March 2009 the working group has been established to prepare special  Law on Protection on domestic violence to ensure proper legislative protection for the victims of violence in the families. It was adopted in May 2011, came in to force in December 2011. The mechanism of its implementation is being framed under the interdisciplinary commission of several ministries: when a victim reports about domestic violence case, investigation starts immediately and a police officer is directing the victim to the Center of the social support (founded by the Ministry of social welfare and labor), which is providing the informational, psychological and legal support.
The official text of the Law could be found here
The Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Lithuania provides that some crimes (general part of domestic violent crimes is among them) have to be investigated by the court as a private charge or must be reported by the victim to be investigated by the law enforcement institutions. Among other procedural constraint measures the Code also provides an obligation to abuser to live separately from the victim till the court takes decision.
The official text of tha Criminal Code and Code of the Criminal Procedure (in Lithuanian) could be found here. Temporary protective measures (separation of victim and violator is one of these measures) are also provided by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania (Article 3.65) and may be applied while the court is hearing divorce case.
The text of the Civil Code could be found here.
Implementing legislation of the Police Department (in Lithuanian) could be found here.
The text of the State programme of the prevention of domestic violence and support for victims for 2014-2020 (in Lithuanian) could be found here
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