Be strong!!!
You have a right to live your life without violence!!!


 National statistics shows that every year there are about 400 women suffering from domestic violence. 359 women were  registered as victims of crimes committed by their partners, 96 - by their children and adoptees in 2008. In the next years the number victims of domestic violence is slowly decreasing. In 2010 there were 334 women who declared a experienced violence from a spouse (in 2004 – 633). Two thirds of those criminal acts happen in the small towns and countrysides.

In 2007 the police received 33 165 calls concerning domestic conflicts and investigated 16180 complaints of domestic violence, 10 269 of them concerned violence against women. Accordingly 33 927 calls were received in 2008 (42 714 in 2010) and 12 506 of them were complaints of domestic violence (in 2010 – 12 031), 8 066 concerned violence against women (in 2010 – 8 805).
Starting from the year 2011 the registered cases are increasing because of the new Law on protection against domestic violence and its implementation processes. Statiastics could be found here (in Lithuanian).
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