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What is violence against women?


Violence against women in the family or domestic violence is all intentional physical, psychological, economical, sexual acts against one family member, usually intentional acts of a man against a woman, if those acts violate woman‘s rights as a citizen and natural person, as well constitutional rights and liberties and cause economical, physical, psychological or moral harm.
Domestic violence doesn’t dependent on social status, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin. It might be experienced by both sexes, however majority of victims are women.
An international legislation documents classify domestic violence into the several types: physical, psychological and sexual violence. Additional type of domestic violence defined in the scientific literature is economical violence.
Every case of violence is exceptional and not always of one type. The most common violence experienced in the family is a mixture of all types of violence: physical, sexual, psychological and economical.
Psychological violence is dangerous, always deliberate, and intentional affect to humans mind, causing fear of particular negative consequences because of further steps or inaction of violator.
There are different forms of psychological violence against woman in the family: steady criticism, bawl and scolding, restrains of action, slight of emotions, mockery of creed, lie, manipulations, refuse to accompany wife in public places, disturbance of relations with family members and friends, humiliation in publicity, assaults to kill or to abduct children.
Physical violence is illegal, intentional, against woman‘s body committed physical action, aiming to kill, cause health damage, powerless condition, physical pain or other kind of physical sufferings.
There are several actions of physical violence: hitting, internal or external bodily injures and other actions of violence, use of cold steel or gun, liquids, materials and etc. Harm and damage derived from violence may differ.
Sexual violence is first of all infringement of freedom of sexual self–determination. Usually sexual violence is followed by physical or psychological violence. Sexual violence in the family is committed through: enforcement to undress, sexual intercourse against woman’s will, particularly brutal sexual intercourse against woman’s will, force to watch and repeat pornographic actions.
Economical violence (financial dependence) is complex and specific form of violence as its consequences are not so obvious for other society members. This kind of violence is observed in all social economical family levels.
The most common forms of violence are: prohibition to work, rob of woman’s money, enforcement of woman to ask money for she’s own needs, strict control of family budget and autocratic financial decisions, refuse to keep children living in family as well as in case of divorce when children are assigned to mother, refuse to give information about real state of family’s property, in case of divorce especially before it all property is assigned to violators relatives or other persons.
Domestic violence against women in Lithuania is not qualified as separate criminal act; however Criminal Code of Republic of Lithuania and Administrative Law Offenses Code of Republic of Lithuania provide for violator’s legal liability. Cases of domestic violence usually are qualified according to consequences of offence, for example physical pain, damage of health and etc.
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